Imagine swimming in pure water
Swimming pools have never been so healthy

Swimming in pure water
Swimming pools have never been so healthy

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Freshwater Systems

  • Eliminates most chemicals known to cause serious health issues
  • Non irritating to skin and eyes
  • Beneficial for asthmatics, psoriasis and eczema sufferers
  • Water so pure you can drink it
  • The only Australian water purification system to have obtained the world-renowned NSF accreditation
  • Cost savings of up to $900 per year

Enviroswim Parts

  • Supply new Enviroswim silver/copper rods
  • Supply new Enviroswim copper test kits
  • Supply of all other Enviroswim parts

Enviroswim Repairs

As an authorised Enviroswim dealer and warranty agent, we look after all aspects of your Enviroswim repairs. :

  • Repairs to all model Enviroswim units
  • Replacement of Enviroswim silver/copper rods
  • Solutions to of all water related issues and water chemsitry problems

Welcome To Mr Pool Man

We are one of Brisbane’s most professional pool companies with over 20 years of experience and we service pools Brisbane wide. We are a family owned company who believe in honest, friendly advice and service.

We have over 15 years of experience dealing with freshwater sanitising systems and are Brisbane's leading freshwater servicing and supply company. We understand how pool ionisers work and are able to diagnose all problems quickly. Our extensive experience with pool ionisers means we don’t guess – we correctly diagnose and rectify the problem.

We are the warranty representatives for Enviroswim in Brisbane and are an authorised Enviroswim dealer. We supply and recommend the ES3 sanitising system.

We specialise in the following

  • supply and installation fo Enviroswim systems throughout Brisbane.
  • supply and installation of all Enviroswim parts including rods, copper test kits and oxidisers
  • troubleshooting of all Enviroswim related issues
  • repairs to all Enviroswim systems
  • professional servicing and maintenance of all Enviroswim pools